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We are the spin-off of a data management company operating in the security sector. As your technology partner for perfect customer interactions, we open up new horizons by connecting the real and the digital world. We use our experience in the national security business to create added value for you by utilizing the benefits of today’s digitalization. Our innovative products help you to interact with your customers, to get to know their emotions, to anticipate their needs and wants, to enhance their security, to stimulate them to invest in your brand.

  • The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

    - Carly Fiorina, former CEO, Hewlett-Packard Company -


Our Products are designed to create deep emotions, to gain additional knowledge, to predict needs and wishes and to strengthen security.

G2K Touch Point

We see all physical and virtual touch points with your customers as sources of information. G2K Touch Point connects all interactions your customers have with you in the digital and the real world. Security- and marketing relevant information is retrieved in real-time.

G2K Analytics

G2K Analytics analyses and interrelates all available information according to pre-defined patterns. The data is synchronized with already existing behavioural patterns or is embedded into new patterns. Information is transformed into knowledge.

G2K Predictive

G2K Predictive gives valid predictions based on the results of G2K Analytics. External parameters and experience are connected with previously defined behavioural patterns. Emotions, wants and needs of your customers as well as potential security concerns are anticipated and managed.

G2K Action

G2K Action transforms predictions into actions and plays them back to the touch points.
G2K Action enables interactive and individualized communication with your customers. Emotional appeals strengthen the ties between you and your customer.

  • Durch G2K ist der Fan jederzeit und überall auf Ballhöhe mit seinem Verein.

    - Andreas Brehme, world championship winner 1990 -


Build value

Our products create added value for you and your customers






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