13 Jul 2017

G2K Group participated in the Munich Aviation Security Conference

Data specialist G2K showed its airport solution at the international Munich Aviation Security Conference

About the conference

Munich, 13. July 2017 – An international symposium met at the Munich Aviation Security Conference for two days to discuss the topic of security for civil air transportation. More than 200 security experts, conflict researchers, politicians and representatives from the European Commission, NATO, Europol and Eurocontrol discussed the current challenges of tackling risks within the aviation sector. The main focus of the conference was on the specific safety requirements for international airports as critical infrastructure.

G2K at the conference
Together with the renowned professional services firm Ernst & Young, G2K presented as a partner of the Munich Aviation Security Conference a security solution for airports. The solution starts with a risk analysis for airports conducted by Ernst & Young. By integration the G2K Situational Awareness Builder, security is strengthened and corporate processes are enhanced which leads to positive effects on the reputation of an organization. Unattended luggage detection, access control for restricted areas and facel recognition for criminal intelligence are just few examples of solutions for critical security situations at airports.

G2K – Situational Awareness Builder
G2K developed a Situational Awareness Builder (G2K-SAB) that brings together the respective information from all sources relevant for a specific situation. The data generated on those touchpoints is analysed through algorithms and is compared with pre-defined scenarios. Recommended actions are provided for the scenarios. Different touchpoints including IP-Cameras, Access Control Systems or CRM systems can be integrated in the G2K-SAB. G2K further includes technologies like face- and voice-recognition, finger print scanner as well as advanced algorithms for mood- object and behaviour detection in the G2K-SAB.
G2K can create an individual, optimal situational awareness for each client, as the Situational Awareness Builder is modular. Touchpoints, algorithms and scenarios are always customized for the specific needs or use cases of G2K’s clients.