What if you have a holistic overview about your Airport in one system?

The SAB, G2K’s scalable IoT platform, connects structured & unstructured data from all relevant systems with Artificial Intelligence methods for a comprehensive airport management.
Identity & Access Management

Modern access & identity management with data verification and face recognition

Smart Video Surveillance

Centralized video content analysis with smart algorithms and derived action scriptings


Interlinkage of relevant business processes to empower sales, security and passenger relationship


License Number Plate Recognition and correlation with reliable system data


Monitoring of sales activity and customer behavior to derive specified customer operations


Collection, analysis and processing of data to create useful information

What if you get immediate notifications when something happens – or if it is likely to happen?

Using Artificial Intelligence methods G2K provides automated and immediate notifications on all relevant scenarios even enabling you to forecast critical situations.
You receive notifications without delay, shortening your response time and reducing possible incidents and events for example:
Unattended Luggage
Social Media Posts
Entering Restricted Area
Removed Objects
Critical Wait Times
Wrong Direction
Fight Detection
Falling Down

What if you have it all running smoothly, increase your revenues and see more satisfied customers, passengers and staff?

G2K enables you to monitor your KPIs more efficiently and to improve your processes. Out of one data platform, you are able to optimize your knowledge about the people on their journey through the airport, using a combination of sensors and other software systems with Maschine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms performing Data Analytics.

What if you are able to react from wherever you are?

Notifications and alarms can be visualized on static screens and can also be forwarded to your mobile device in real-time. That gives you full flexibility and quick reaction times wherever you are.

What if you are able to have all necessary information visualized in real-time?

The Knowledge Dashboards give you all the information you need for your specific analysis and for a holistic overview. All the available data is integrated in our platform and allows you to derive appropriate actions. 

How it works.

The Situational Awareness Builder (SAB) provides you with full Situational Awareness, interconnecting all relevant systems in one platform to centralize necessary information and make analyzed data useable for precise airport management.