Introducing the COVID Control Suite

COVID-19 has become a worldwide menace to the way we live. At G2K we have developed a holistic Application Suite that can help overcome this crisis and allow for a return to public life.

G2K is well-equipped for this

Our core product, the ›Situational Awareness Builder‹ (SAB), is based on the principle Fast Detection, Fast Action. During a 3-week sprint in March we have managed to optimise our technology for the fight against COVID-19.

The COVID Control Suite is an end-to-end solution

Its scope ranges from fever detection via registration, treatment and attendance of patients, to the top-level tracking of the virus’ spread.


Fever Scanner

Thermal imaging system and automated fever detection to be used in neuralgic venues like hospitals, transport hubs or shopping malls.

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Use Cases

For hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices

Fever Scanner (PDF) First contact app (PDF)

For nursing homes

Download Infosheet (PDF)

For transport hubs

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For shopping malls

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For educational institutions

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For production sites

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the COVID Control Suite a newly developed system?

No. The Covid Control Suite is a complementary solution that we managed to deliver on short notice thanks to our underlying SAB platform. This platform lives on seven years of development with millions of lines of code. It is proven and being used on a daily basis by large clients all over the world.

Will you be able to handle uptime and performance with respect to the massive amount of data that will be needed to combat the spread of COVID-19?

Yes. The SAB platform has been developed exactly for environments and usages as complex and comprehensive as the COVID Control Suite. Our platform has been managing the data sets of 238 millions citizens across different nations without fail or security breaches. Our Smart Cities projects are digitising entire cities with up to 600.000 people, combining and handling inconceivable data streams in the process.

How did G2K manage to come up with this solution, so quickly?

Two reasons: One, our existing platform that we were able to repurpose. Second, thanks to our team of over 60 highly-trained inhouse developers and experts. With the crisis looming in early March we put all hands on deck, knowing our stack – and ourselves – can make a difference. That way we were able to ship a fully viable system within weeks.

Is it possible to integrate existing databases and systems?

Absolutely. Its open architecture is a distinguishing feature of the SAB platform, allowing for maximum integration capability. Our existing APIs already cover the most important sensor & system manufacturers, embedding them via plug-and-play. The same is true for data transfer with external systems and institutions, e.g. research facilities.

How do you guarantee the availability of thermal imagery systems?

We are honoured to have strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors of thermal systems that provide us with special conditions and ample supply.

How does the COVID Control Suite comply with Europe's high data security requirements?

As a German company entertaining many international cooperations this topic is both important and familiar to us. The COVID Control Suite has been built with the GDPR in mind and approved by data security lawyers. As a company we have neither access to nor insight in the data gathered with the CCS; all data is property of our clients. As for cloud services, we can make sure that only German data processing centres are being used, as we already do in our projects for different governments and NGOs. Crucially, our business model is not (and never has been) the collection and commercialisation of data. Our business is the secure convergence of data streams using Artificial Intelligence that allows for value-adding processes, always providing and maintaining highest data security.

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